An important Coronavirus (COVID-19) update from The CDS Group [Updated]

Update 24th March:

Due to the latest government guidance the office is now closed, but The CDS Group continue to operate and offer advice to all our clients from our home offices!.

For General and Technical enquiries please call either Justin Smith on 07966 365134 or Darryl Kelly on 07737 455262.

For planning enquiries please call Becky on 07710 688718.

Original Post:

Dear all

The health and safety of our employees is our utmost priority. We are following all World Health Organization (WHO) and government guidance at The CDS Group office and have a robust and well-developed Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in place to protect our employees and to ensure we meet the needs of our clients.

At the moment all staff are fit for work and we have a full staff compliment in place.

Should matters worsen and should it become necessary, CDS will have the main office manned and some staff will network from home through the VPN systems we have put in place.

Although we may be subject to some external factors beyond our control (such as the individual health of staff members), our current remote networking capability is robust and has been tested.  We therefore anticipate, if the need arises, implementing the BCP and will be able to ensure that all our clients have their projects delivered to the highest levels they should expect.

Justin Smith

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