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We have rebranded! The rebrand reflects how our business has grown into 3 distinct areas: Cemeteries & Crematoria, Parks & Leisure & Environmental Assessments. So we are now known as CDS - Don’t worry, nothing else has changed, you can still expect the same high level of service you’ve been used to. Check out our new website!

We pride ourselves on building strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients

On behalf of the Parish Council thank you for all the work you have put in to get us to this stage. Please pass on our thanks to your team.

Stoke Mandeville Parish Council

Lovely to see all the hard work of your team come to fruition during what has been a very difficult time for everyone. Justin and Becky you have been involved with this whole project for WDC for a very long time and seen a great many changes and challenges during that time, your patience and professionalism have always shone through and have helped enormously in keeping this on track and getting the outcome we have.

Penn Road Cemetery - High Wycombe

The Columbaria Company are responsibly sourcing their UK manufactured memorials and whilst granite from India and China is still widely used in the UK we are looking to reduce our carbon footprint by working with 8 local companies here in Hull using sustainable products including steel, aluminium, glass, carbon neutral plastics, reclaimed roof tiles, reclaimed timbers, cast stone, slate, biodegradable envelopes and UK wildflower seeds to help with ecology. It would be safe to say that CDS played a major part in our decision to reduce our carbon footprint and I am pleased to report that your commitment has inspired us to source our memorial products in a responsible way and this is ticking a lot of boxes with the vast majority of our clients.

The Columbaria Company

May I take this opportunity of thanking all of the staff who were involved from CDS with this project. Their efforts were much appreciated certainly by myself and everyone who has seen the finished Garden of Remembrance including Councillors from the North East Surrey Crematorium Board. In fact MAC and the appointed contractor Kingston Landscapes must also share the credit as its no mean feat to work in such a challenging area carrying out heavy landscaping works without the crematorium receiving a single complaint during the works. A testament to everyone’s professionalism and at the same time sensitivities. Please would you pass on my thanks to everyone and I look forward to working with the team again.

North East Surrey Crematorium Board, North East Surrey Garden of Remembrance

“I have and will continue to work with CDS with great pleasure. CDS have a great understanding of what is required in any given task and have transferred basic thoughts and ideas into reality. The team are professional, constructive, clear and above all very nice to work with…I would be happy to recommend CDS for any aspect of work they feel suited to take on.”

S Holloway, Islington & Camden Cemetery Services

The last 16 years have been an incredible journey for The CDS Group and our clients. We have undertaken over 400 feasibility studies and have completed over 40 new cemeteries in the UK and overseas. Our dedication to your vision has enabled us to gain recognition in the cemetery market, but now we are expanding.

Our business has grown from cemetery development services to three distinct areas namely Cemeteries and Crematoria, Parks and Leisure, and Environmental Assessments. That aside, the quality of our work has not changed.

We maintain the high level of service you expect. We currently have new sites under construction. Many more are in different stages of project feasibility, design and planning.

Our in-house team will handle the design, planning, and groundwater risk assessment, ensuring one point of contact throughout. Our in house designers, planners, environmental consultants and drainage engineers work together to ensure a seamless project flow, from inception to completion.

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