Flitwick Country Park Design

CDS were approached Flitwick Town Council, to undertake design and planning works for a new cemetery site in large field on the outskirts of town. As part of the development, the Town Council has also been given funding from Central Government to develop the remainder of the field into a country park, creating a new open space where locals can enjoy the environment around them.

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CDS reviewed initial concept designs for the country park, which were considered too unsympathetic to the environment and the surroundings of the site. Following design brief meetings with the Town Council, CDS proposed an alternative, back to nature design, enhancing the biodiversity of the site and providing visitors with aback to nature experience which includes informal grass paths, wildflower areas, creation of wetland habitats and enhanced boundary planting to act as a screen to adjacent commercial and industrial land uses. In addition to the informal grass pathways, surfaced pathways were also included to ensure access for disabled users and to provide pathways that can be used all year round.

The design also took into account the need to provide pedestrian and cycle access routes to the country park, linking in to existing routes in the area, to improve access to and from the site. The provision of such non vehicular access routes plays an important role in the sustainability of the development and helps encourage users to use alternative methods of transport.

Both the new cemetery and the country park are currently in planning, with a decision due in 2020.

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