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Crematorium Feasibility Assessment and Land Identification


Before any crematoria development progresses, CDS undertakes a detailed feasibility study which includes a full demographic assessment to ensure there are sufficient cremation numbers to justify the development.

CDS can also assess the demographic of a region and provide an optimal location for a crematorium facility if a site has not already been identified.

If required, the CDS team can review a collection of parcels of land and implement a score system to identify the sites which would have the highest likelihood of achieving a successful planning submission. This system is based on planning law, local planning policies and site specific factors such as land classification, flood risk and proximity to residential properties. A feasibility study, otherwise known as a Sequential Test, filters out sites using a methodical approach including environmental constraints which would add to constructions costs and the demographic analysis.

Once a site is selected based on the initial scoring phase, CDS would carry out a more detailed review of the proposed site for its suitability and establish if there are any planning related limitations which could impact on the likely success of any planning application.   Planning items assess are:

  • Review of land designation
  • Flood risk
  • Agricultural land classification
  • Heritage importance
  • Highways and access
  • Ecological constraints
  • Unexploded ordnance risk
  • Land visual impact
  • Drainage
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