Land Drainage Assessment

Land drainage issues can be difficult to solve due to the many physical, environmental and practical constraints that need to be addressed. CDS are specialists in the design of site-specific solutions for both surface water and groundwater problems.

Our specialist technical services include management of the following areas:

  • Dewatering and lowering of groundwater levels through deep drainage techniques.
  • Surface water and catch-all drainage systems.
  • Spring line diversion and cut off.
  • Reed bed construction.

CDS undertake a three staged approach to identify the problem, define a solution and implement the drainage strategy:

Stage 1: Identifying the problem

Before any assumptions are made on the causes of the drainage problem, our soil engineers and drainage specialists will carry out a detailed site survey which comprises:

  • Topographic and hydro-topographic surveys
  • Hydro-geological investigation
  • Deep core sampling
  • Profile pit analysis
  • Soil analysis
  • Outfall design options
  • Utility mapping

From the results of the desktop survey and intrusive site investigation, our engineering team will determine:

  • The water table levels - both current and temporal
  • The presence, and causes, of any impermeable layers in the soil profile
  • The drainage and surface water management options

A detailed written report with outline management options will be presented to the client highlighting the type of drainage problem with a summary of costed design options.

Stage 2: Define a Solution

Once the budget and type of drainage scheme have been agreed, CDS will progress with Stage 2 design work which would include:

  • Production of detail drainage design drawings
  • Production of detailed specification documents
  • Production of Tender Documents including bill of quantities
  • Tender contract management

Stage 3: Implement the Drainage Strategy

CDS make sure that once a contractor has been selected and the site works have started that all aspects of the drainage design are installed in line with the agreed detailed specification, and completed on time and to budget. We do this through our comprehensive client relationship package, which ensures that contractors are fully briefed on the work in hand and meticulously monitored from start to completion.