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Bedford Cemetery

Following ongoing issues of surface water flooding in the recent extension area of Norse Road Cemetery, Bedford, The CDS Group were commissioned to undertake an assessment of the issues observed on site and to design an engineered drainage solution to resolve the issue.

CDS were responsible for design and specifications documentation and undertook the tender process on behalf of the client.

The designed drainage system involves a series of lateral drains, which are interconnected through perpendicular rotary slitting. The lateral drains are connected to a series of carrier drains, which discharge into a SuDs feature. The outfall from the SuDs feature is via a flow controlled hydro-brake, limiting the off site drainage to the greenfield run off rate to ensure the watercourse is not overwhelmed during periods of heavy and sustained rainfall.

Cemetery flooding is a common problem and given the changes in climatic conditions is likely to become more severe. The CDS Groups team of expert engineers will help councils reduce the stress and complaints associated with this perennial problem.

Bedford Cemetery Drainage Design and Installation
Installation of land drainage
Bedford Cemetery Drainage Design and Installation
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