Cemeteries & Crematoria

Planning approval gained by The CDS Group for Hambleton Crematorium

Since our first introductory meeting with the client, Hambleton District Council, back in July 2018, we have striven to provide to a fully coordinated and informed service to the client and their council members.

We are delighted that another CDS crematorium project is one step closer to being delivered and that our client were onboard with The CDS Groups green agenda, opting to use fully electric cremators and reduce emissions associated with cremation to help meet the UK's reduction in emissions and improvement of air quality.

A big thank you to the consultants appointed to support us along the way but greater thanks go to our client for being a pleasure to work for. We look forward to continuing this relationship through the next stages of development; through to the site opening in October 2021!

Driveway into Hambleton Crematorium, Green Agenda with electric cremators
Driveway upto the new Hambleton Crematorium
View across grazing land to the new Hambleton Crematorium including electric cremators
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