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Research Paper - "A comparison of gas and electric cremator emissions in the UK" by Ben Copeland

*CDS Announcement*

Following Ben Copeland’s return to The CDS Group upon completion of his degree, we are planning on releasing his research paper “A comparison of gas and electric cremator emissions in the UK” to the industry by the end of June.

We envisage this paper to be a crucial element of research for the bereavement industry, see short abstract below:

“An electric cremator produces 50-80% less CO2 emissions than the gas cremator, the range is dependent on the number of cremations processed per day and energy tariff used, and produces 33% less NOx emissions. As the fuel mix becomes ‘greener’, there will be a further 44% reduction in CO2 emissions from the electric cremator connected to the national electricity grid between 2020 and 2050. The electric cremator has a higher initial cost than the gas cremator, however, differences in running costs are negligible. Alternative fuels, such as hydrogen blend and biogas may be feasible in reducing emissions in certain cases, however, they are not viable solutions for the UK industry.”

Following the release of this research paper, The CDS Group are also planning to undertake ‘life-cycle analysis’ on BioLPG, electric and natural gas, as a fuel source for cremation.

CDS will also continuously update existing research based on any new data coming to fruition.

Watch this space!

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