Battle Cemetery Extension

Battle Cemetery Extension

CDS were approached by Battle Town Council to assist with an extension of their existing cemetery into an undeveloped plot of land adjacent to the site.

Battle Town Council
Battle Cemetery Extension Design and Development
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CDS undertook a detailed groundwater risk assessment including pollutant flux modelling to assess the site suitability and carried out pre-application correspondence with the EnvironmentAgency (EA) to ensure they would have no significant objections to the proposed development.

Following positive EA pre-application advice, CDS then progressed to the design phase and developed detailed design works for the layout of the site, burial plans, soft and hard landscaping and detailed drainage design to satisfy the planning requirements.

Once planning was approved,Battle Town Council requested CDS to construct the full tender documentation, detailed designs, specification and bill of quantities in order to issue a tender for the construction of the site.

CDS were then appointed to review all tender submissions and to undertake a detailed tender analysis, assessing the contractor’s submissions for quality, experience and cost. The highest scoring contractors were interviewed to review the contractors’ proposals and to assess any proposed value engineering works.

Following the appointment of the main contractor, CDS acted as the client’s agent throughout the construction phase, completing site inspections, works valuation assessments and quality checks.The construction has been completed, and the site is now open and operational, maturing into a beautiful cemetery extension.

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