Geotechnical Investigation Trial Pitting

Geotechnical Assessment

As part of the development and design of the proposed new Crematoria in Huntingdon, CDS were requested to undertake a geotechnical site investigation to provide design values for the construction of new access roads, soakage values for the design of the SuDs system, bearing capacities for the design of the foundations and soils parameters such as atterberg limit tests and sulphates to provide additional design information.

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CDS designed and undertook a geotechnical site investigation comprising a series of trial pits excavated using a tracked machine to minimise damage to the site. In situ tests including BRE 365 soakage tests and CBR tests were also undertaken across the site as well as detailed soil logging, in situ strength tests and collection of soil samples for geotechnical testing.

On completion of the site works and geotechnical laboratory testing, a geotechnical assessment report was produced for the site, providing our in-house designers with information to further the design of the project whilst providing information to external contractors and the client.

Due to CDS’s involvement with the design of the project, we were able to ensure that all the required information was collected in one visit to the site, reducing both the costs to the project and reducing the timescales associated with the collection and assessment of the geotechnical data.

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