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Cemetery Design and Planning


The CDS Group have an outstanding record in achieving a successful planning outcome, having undertaken all the components of the planning process on over 40 cemetery extensions/new cemetery planning applications across the UK and into the development phase. Our cemetery design and planning team combines your concepts, the recommendations of our in-house designers, the feasibility and regulations for every project.

Any new cemetery or extension to an existing cemetery requires planning approval and many levels of assessment to support an application. The level and degree of studies will be dependent, in part, on the sensitivity of the site (e.g. green belt or areas of significant environmental or historic value).

CDS has many years’ experience in cemetery design, planning and delivery and can provide a full planning application service that comprehensively covers all of the elements required for the development of a cemetery.

Every project begins with a feasibility study to identify the issues we may encounter during the build. In most cases, CDS starts with a pre-application meeting or report with planners. From this, a detailed and costed framework for the required studies is provided. This ensures the development is managed meticulously and cost efficiently from start to finish.

In addition to identifying the estimated cost of development, we create schedules and timescales to ensure the timely completion of your project. The project design includes structural engineering and construction notes for operational clarity. We also apply for planning permissions and building regulation approvals if necessary.

Listed below is a schedule of studies, reports and assessments that are typically required for a cemetery extension or new cemetery site. Working with CDS you can rest assured that CDS will cover every element required by the planning regulations. All you have to do is share your design ideas and concepts. Our team will then ensure these will meet your standards as well as local and national regulations.

Cemetery Planning Timeline

Environmental Reports

  • Groundwater Risk Assessment
  • Contamination Risk Assessment
  • Flood Risk Assessment
  • SUDs policy and design
  • Attenuation pond and reed bed design
  • Tree Surveys
  • Preliminary Ecological Appraisal

Policy Documents

  • Archaeology Heritage Statement
  • Geophysical surveys
  • Highways Consultation
  • Transport Assessment
  • Traffic Surveys
  • Planning Policy Statement
  • Needs Policy Statement
  • Sustainability Statement
  • Design and Access Statement
  • Public Rights of Access Statement
  • Public Consultation


  • Landscape Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA)
  • General Layout Plan
  • Soft and hard landscape design
  • Building details
  • Detailed Drainage Plan
  • Burial Layout Plan
  • Site Topographical Survey
Crematorium and Cemetery Needs Assessment
Drive Time Examples
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