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Rapid Environmental Assessment


Over the last 16 years, The CDS Group, formerly known as Cemetery Development Services, has undertaken more than 400 environmental assessments and feasibility studies, designed and built over 45 new cemeteries both in the UK and overseas; as well as designing, developing and overseeing the construction of new crematoria sites and crematoria refurbishments for both private companies and local authorities.

In 2020, The CDS Group were the driving force behind the push for environmental sustainability in the UK bereavement sector, and working alongside The Cremation Society of Great Britain (CSGB), The Institute of Cemetery and Crematoria Management (ICCM) and the Federation of Burial and Cremation Authorities (FBCA) formed the Environmental Stewardship Group (ESG). The aim of the ESG is to lead the bereavement sector towards sustainability to help address the Climate Emergency.

Rapid Environmental Assessments (REA)

Supporting the actions and activities of the ESG, The CDS Group has designed a site specific Rapid Environmental Assessment (REA) tool to provide the wider bereavement industry with a clear and concise benchmarked assessment of the environmental impacts of cemeteries and crematoria across the UK. This REA report is designed to engage with the owner operators of each site and comprises a series of online questions to provide site specific information on each site and to identify areas of improvement in 11 separate areas of activity.

Upon completion of the online assessment, The CDS Group will produce a site specific report, containing observations and identifying any specific areas where improvements can be made to enhance the environmental credential of the site and reduce environmental impacts. As part of the REA assessment after issuing of the report, a thirty-minute consultation via telephone/online meeting will be scheduled with an environmental specialist from The CDS Group. The meeting is designed to identify areas of improvement and to provide advice  on how the identified improvements can be achieved in the short, medium and long term. Financial guidance will be provided identifying areas where savings can be realised and offering a signpost to potential funding support sites.

Following on from the REA report and consultation, The CDS Group are also providing a more in depth assessment designed to provide dour client with in depth analysis in respect to Energy, Environment (water/air) and systems audit (DEEA).

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