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Building a Crematorium in the UK


The CDS Group are your trusted partner in building a crematorium in the UK. CDS currently has over 18 Local Authority crematoria sites across the UK and overseas at various stages of feasibility, planning and development. Let our tenured team envision your new project and see it to its completion.

With a team of highly qualified specialists - field surveyors, engineers, planners and designers and an excellent network of partners including architects and construction consultants, CDS are able to offer an unrivalled service specialising in the design and development of crematoria.

Data collected in the Stage 1 - Feasibility and Client Brief phase informs the design stage which aims to integrate the development into the wider landscape and mitigate against any impact; and enhance the biodiversity of the site in line with national and local planning policy.

Our crematorium development service also considers demographics. People who visit their loved ones should feel comfortable because the place is just as much for them as it is for their departed. We aim to create a crematoria which has a distinctive spatial quality, offering visitors a peaceful environment for reflection and remembrance and yet one that can be managed on a day-to-day basis at minimal cost.  We project manage all stages of the implementation phase including financial management; giving you a responsive, single point of contact and enabling you to benefit from our excellent relationships with local authorities. After we finalise the project design, count on our team to take care of crematorium construction. We handle every aspect of the plan, building and completion so that the entire process is seamless for you.

Our extensive experience enables us to prepare high quality illustrative, qualitative and quantitive material and contract documentation that complies with and fulfils construction design management, planning and environmental regulations.

Any new crematorium development requires planning approval and many levels of assessment to support an application.  The level and degree of studies will be dependent, in part, on the sensitivity of the site (e.g. green belt or areas of significant environmental or historic value).

In most cases works will start with a pre-app meeting or report with planners and from this the framework of application studies and documentation can be assessed and appropriated. All elements of the planning process from archaeology, ecology, policy statements, air quality and environmental impact statements, are undertaken by the CDS team to satisfy the planning criteria.

Listed below is a schedule of studies, reports and assessments that are typically required for a new crematoria development. Working with CDS you can rest assured that CDS we will cover off every element required by the planning regulations.

Environmental Reports

  • Groundwater Risk Assessment
  • Contamination Risk Assessment
  • Flood Risk Assessment
  • SUDs policy and design
  • Attenuation pond and reed bed design
  • Tree Surveys
  • Preliminary Ecological Appraisal

Policy Documents

  • Archaeology Heritage Statement
  • Geophysical surveys
  • Highways Consultation
  • Transport Assessment
  • Traffic Surveys
  • Planning Policy Statement
  • Needs Policy Statement
  • Sustainability Statement
  • Design and Access Statement
  • Public Rights of Access Statement
  • Public Consultation


  • Landscape Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA)
  • General Layout Plan
  • Soft and hard landscape design
  • Building details
  • Detailed Drainage Plan
  • Burial Layout Plan
  • Site Topographical Survey

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