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Site Investigations


As part of the initial phase of development, finding the right site is key to the successful planning application of a new crematoria. The planning requirements for such sites are particularly stringent and public and private opposition to a new crematorium can present a number of complex challenges which need to be sensitively resolved.

One of the first stages of development of a new crematorium site is the assessment of the land on which it is to be developed. CDS can undertake a wide variety of site investigations to establish the suitability of the parcel of land being developed. This can cover geotechnical and geoenvironmental considerations, as well as other factors such as flood risk and risks associated with unexploded ordnance.

The CDS team can carry out the following investigations:

  • Geotechnical site investigation to assess foundation design
  • Soakage testing to assess soil infiltration rates
  • Flood Risk Assessment and SuDs Design
  • Agricultural land classification reports
  • Phase I Desk Study Assessments
  • Contamination Investigations
  • Unexploded Ordnance Risk Assessment and Reporting
Cemetery design planning and risk assessment - Trial Pitting
Cemetery design planning and risk assessment - Trial Pitting
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