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Crematorium Refurbishment


After any crisis, the best advice is to ‘build back better’.

As we come out of lock down from COVID-19 we all became acutely aware of our surroundings in all its forms but especially with regard to the built and open space environment.

Environmentally friendly buildings, healthy living and thriving external landscape should be considered a public right and an essential part of any new development.

The CDS Group, in keeping with its broader Green Agenda for environmentally friendly cemetery and crematorium building design, are introducing a crematorium refurbishment service.

With a number of CDS designed crematoriums currently in construction and many others in various stages of development, our team of engineers, architects, landscape designers and project managers are offering our clients our expertise and experience in creating a new and modern space which is both environmentally more friendly, whilst offering a ‘healthy building design’ to improve the experience and health of visitors and staff alike.

The refurbishment of the building and equipment is however only one aspect of the refurbishment work. The external landscaping, car parking and planting is also a key aspect of any refurbishment project allowing the client to improve the entire user experience whilst improving the biodiversity and ecological impact of the site.

Hambleton Crematorium Design and Construction

'Environmentally Friendly Building Design'

The CDS team can provide you with a design and engineering solution to ensure the crematorium and chapel refurbishment provides a measurable contribution to reducing the environmental impact of a crematorium.

This can be achieved by a number of measures which include:

·        Electric vehicle charging points

·        Energy efficient building design

·        Replacement of old polluting gas cremators with new modern green          electric cremators

·        Use of residual heat and heat transfer systems from cremators

·        Use of green energy initiatives and tariffs

·        Use of recycled materials in construction

·        Eco friendly materials such as low carbon cement

Huntingdon Crematorium Design, Green Electric Cremator

'Healthy Buildings'

Healthy building credentials support the physical, social, and psychological health and wellbeing of people in the building and the surrounding built environment through:-

·        Improvement of access to natural light

·        Enhancing air quality …. Building HVAC

·        Controlling sources of indoor air contamination

·        Use of pollutant free products and materials for construction and          furnishing

·        Use of healthy low VOC and NPE free paints, varnishes and finishing          for walls, floors, and ceilings

·        Use of rainwater harvesting

Specifically for the redevelopment and refurbishment of crematorium, CDS looks at optimising the residual heat energy and heat transfer as well as, where possible,encouraging the client to switch to greener energy initiatives such as electric cremators operating off the sustainable energy tariffs.

The CDS team can provide you with a design and engineering solution to ensure your crematorium and chapel refurbishment meet exacting standard for healthy building refurbishment and construction.

Internal Crematorium Refurbishment Design

'Regenerated Landscape Design'

As equally important to the internal and external refurbishment of the existing crematorium building and cremator equipment, the external landscaping is also a key factor.

The CDS team of designers and landscape architects can help to improve the external soft and hard landscaping to improve the site user experience.

This can be achieved by several measures which include:

·        Increasing biodiversity through diverse planting

·        Reducing local air pollution through planting schemes

·        Reducing noise and creation of quiet spaces

·        Planting of native species and creating year round interest

·        Improving traffic flow and car parking facilities

·        Increasing and improving memorialisation facilities

Crematorium Landscape Design and Refurbishment
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