Marking Out

The opening of a new cemetery or extension area can be an exciting occasion following planning approval. How well a new facility is managed can have a significant impact on the overall look of the site in the future and the inaccurate placement of a burial can have significant impact on future revenue.

Throughout our history, CDS have had experience of all types of ground markers to delineate burial plots including wooden marker posts, plastic ground discs and plastic marker pegs. All of these solutions have the same issue, they are easily hidden in overgrown grass, can be damaged by lawnmowers and lost; resulting in difficulties in maintaining the burial system on site.

CDS have designed a solution where stainless steel poles are driven into the ground by a small tracked drilling rig. This technique means the post is strong and secure and does not require any hand digging or concreting in.  A unique laser engraved ID tag is then secured to the post using metal cable ties and a colour coded cap installed on the top to delineate whether the post marks out a path or a burial area.  

This system has been proven to be fast and cost effective as well as being highly accurate. The posts are topographically surveyed prior to installation, making them accurate to the nearest centimetre. The posts can also help to ensure accurate alignment of faith burials, particularly important to specific religions such as Muslim communities.  They also help to accurately locate presold burial plots which have yet to be buried around, reducing the risk of the wrong location of plots.

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