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Groundwater Abstraction Wells


The provision of water on new cemetery sites can require costly installation to get a supply of mains water to the site making it a significant part of the development cost. In addition, the use of treated drinking water for the watering of grass and memorials, at a time when climate change and carbon emissions are a significant issue, should be considered wasteful.

There are several alternatives to mains water supplies to cemetery sites which can be more cost effective and have a lower carbon footprint. These include:

  • Capture of surface water runoff into storage tanks
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Installation of hand pumps into tanks/boreholes
  • Installation of groundwater abstraction wells
  • Installation of solar and wind powered borehole pumps

CDS are happy to advise clients on whether any of the above solutions, including the green solar and a wind powered borehole abstraction pump, is suitable for their site depending on factors such as the underlying geology and depth to groundwater.

Groundwater Abstraction Well Installation
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