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Planning and Needs Assessment


Wherever the use of open countryside is proposed for development, a proof of ‘need’ will be required as a minimum. This evidence needs to be demonstrated in both qualitative and quantitative terms.

CDS will carry out a quantitative assessment of the location through detailed demographic analysis, using ONS data to produce site-specific drive time rings and population catchment. Formulas are used for mortality rates and cremation rates against drive time analysis and the respective population density within the pertinent isochrones. The CDS team will also review the quantitative need through the capacity formula for overtrading at the local crematorium.

Qualitative assessment will be undertaken on the current quality of service provision at existing crematoria. This includes, where appropriate, formal questions to potential stakeholders or other facilities in order to provide additional data to support the assessment. It also includes in-depth analysis of demographic data in the area which is likely to increase the need for a facility, for example: ageing population, increased housing plans and population increase.

A Planning and Need Statement would also incorporate planning law and policy; explaining how the design and services abide to the NPPF 2019 and the Local Plan of the area.

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