Memorial Stability Testing

The testing of memorials within churchyards or cemeteries, whether open or closed, is a legal requirement for the operator of the cemetery and should be carried out every five years by a trained professional; with unstable or unsafe memorials identified and cordoned off prior to making safe.

CDS offers a cost effective and simple solution to undertaking memorial stability testing which is in line with the Ministry of Justice Paper and relevant British Standards. Our highly trained and experienced staff carry out a visual assessment of all memorials to ensure each is deemed safe before undertaking a hand load test on the memorial. Details of all memorials are recorded on a handheld tablet along with photographs of the headstone for future reference. Where a memorial is deemed to be unsafe, it will be cordoned off appropriately to reduce risk to the public and ground staff.

On completion of the assessment, CDS will provide a report with inspection records for future reference and details of any failed memorials which require repair or remedial measures to make safe. Once the unsafe memorials have been identified, the CDS team will provide recommendations and costs for the repair where appropriate, or alternatively, the laying down of memorial if it is deemed to be the safest option.

One of the requirements for memorial stability testing is the provision of an accurate map of the cemetery/graveyard which enables our staff to highlight any unsafe memorials. If such a map does not exist, CDS can create an accurate map of the cemetery which enables the client to accurately ground truth existing records.

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