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Cemetery Mapping Services


In line with the Burial Act 1853, all cemetery operators must maintain up-to-date plans of all graves, vaults and grave spaces which are related to the storage of all burial records. Our meticulous cemetery mapping services will enable you to keep proper records and paper maps for easier navigation.

Having an accurate and up to date system can help with the day-to-day management of the cemetery and ensure that the quality and speed of service to both the family of the loved ones and local funeral directors is sustained. In addition to preserving all existing records and organising new ones, cemetery mapping makes it easier for families and funeral directors to locate the plot that they need to access.

Out of date, illegible, or poorly managed records can cause significant issues in terms of day-to-day operations and relationships with the public and local funeral directors.  This can lead to :

  • Double bookings of plots
  • Burials in the wrong plot
  • Selling of plots already interred
  • Exhumation requirements

These instances are not always easy to address, especially when a loved one was already buried in an existing plot that is booked for or sold to another client. They also cause distress to family members who simply want to grieve for and pay tribute to their departed. Let our mapping services help you prevent such situations.

Email us today for a free initial consultation.

CDS can help you investigate the status of current burial records and maps for your cemetery. We can propose the most cost effective way to update records and ensure they comply with legal requirements.   CDS can work with you to introduce best practice solutions that deliver improvements and greater efficiencies for the future.

CDS can offer the following services:

  • Digitisation of old paper maps
  • Topographical surveys to produce an accurate map
  • Ground truthing and data collection
  • Provision of up to date and numbering burial layout plans
  • Raw data uploaded to a GIS system of your choosing for future management of the site
Cemetery Mapping
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