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Landscaping Designs


“Cemeteries are designed for the living as much as they are for the deceased”.

The CDS Group work closely with our clients and architects to ensure that we create modern and innovative spaces where families and loved ones can spend time before, during and after a service.

Our in-house teams of designers and chartered landscape architects have considerable experience in designing new cemeteries, cemetery extensions and redesigning existing cemeteries; as well as memorial gardens and mausoleums.

We aim to create cemeteries which have a distinctive spatial quality, offering visitors a peaceful environment for reflection and remembrance and yet one that can be managed on a day-to-day basis at minimal cost.

The CDS Group project manage all stages of the implementation phase, including financial management, giving you a responsive, single point of contact, and enabling you to benefit from our excellent relationships with local authorities.

Our extensive experience enables us to prepare high quality contract documentation that complies with and fulfils construction design management, planning and environmental regulations.

Our Service

Stage 1 –Client Brief

The initial stage of any design is to understand our client’s brief, budgeting constraints and the requirements of the local community. Once this has been undertaken, our team will be able to provide a bespoke design to maximise the return from the site whilst ensuring the visitor experience is of the highest quality.

Stage 2 – Design

With the data collected during the Client Brief, CDS can commence the design programme. Our landscape architects will work considerately with the existing landscape and current features of the development land to ensure minimal environmental impact. Careful thought is given to key elements of the site e.g. car parking, roadways, footpaths and burial provision areas. Equally, CDS will offer detailed planting schemes to support native species and current ecosystems whilst encouraging further biodiversity.  

Cemetery Landscape Design and Planning

Stage 3 – Project Management

Once a contractor has been appointed, the CDS team will ensure all aspects of the design are installed as per the detailed specification; that the project is finished on time and to budget. CDS achieves this by providing an ongoing client relationship package. Our engineers also ensure that the contractors are fully briefed on all required works so they are well placed to monitor the project meticulously from start to finish.

Cemetery Landscape Design
Cemetery Landscape Design and Memorialisation
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