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Eco-Friendly Cemetery Design and Development


We are a team of highly qualified specialists - field surveyors, engineers and designers, with an outstanding network of partners including architects and construction consultants, enabling us to offer an unrivalled service in the design and development of cemeteries and crematoria. Our cemetery design team creates a project plan based on the environment you want to set in your new development.

Data collected in the Stage 1 - Feasibility and Client Brief phase informs the design stage which aims to integrate the development into the wider landscape and mitigate against any impact; and enhance the biodiversity of the site in line with national and local planning policy. We stay updated with cemetery design guidelines and regulations to make sure nothing hinders your project.

We aim to create a cemetery which has a distinctive spatial quality, offering visitors a peaceful environment for reflection and remembrance and yet one that can be managed on a day-to-day basis at minimal cost.  We project manage all stages of the implementation phase including financial management; giving you a responsive, single point of contact and enabling you to benefit from our excellent relationships with local authorities.

Our extensive experience enables us to prepare high quality illustrative, qualitative and quantitive material and contract documentation that complies with and fulfils construction design management, planning and environmental regulations.

Read through our process for further details on how we approach every proposed cemetery or crematorium project.

Our 3 Stage Service Approach

Stage 1 – Feasibility & Client Brief

The feasibility is centred on the outcome of the extended environmental assessments as the development of a cemetery requires Environment Agency (EA) approval.

The feasibility will also identify any issues likely to alter the anticipated budget or increase estimated cost of development and includes the following:

  • Preliminary designs of hard and soft landscaping and layout options
  • Demographics of the local community
  • Utility infrastructure searches
  • Drainage infrastructure investigations
  • Memorialisation and grave layout
  • Estimated costs
  • Schedules and timescales

Stage 2 – Design

With the data collected in the Stage 1 – Feasibility and Client Brief phase, we can commence the design programme. Within the design, the CDS team ensures that the cemetery is designed so there is minimal environmental impact and, wherever possible, enhances the environment. In addition to the physical impact of the cemetery on the landform, CDS also aims to ensure the design can be managed on a day-to-day basis with the minimal cost whilst providing the highest quality to the bereaved and visitors by creating a beautiful and relaxing environment.

Our design process is as follows:

  • Analyse requirements, survey site and adjacent area as necessary; prepare, describe and illustrate outline proposals and submit these to all relevant parties for approval.
  • Prepare budget estimate and monitor cost implications during the design stage.
  • Liaise with the Design Team to determine the most cost-effective design and proposals.
  • Prepare a design scheme consisting of drawings and outline specifications demonstrating materials and appearance and submit to the client for comment.
  • Apply for planning permission, liaising with the Planning Department, and carry out minor amendments.
  • Liaise with all relevant parties where necessary.
  • Complete a detailed design, incorporating structural engineering details.
  • Prepare working drawings and construction notes for materials and workmanship required.
  • Apply for Building Regulation approval if required.
  • Advise on tendering procedures and contract arrangements.
  • Advise on warranties and insurances related to building works.
  • Instruct the Structural Engineer if requested by the client.
Cemetery Design Planning and development

Stage 3 – Project Management

Once a contractor has been appointed, the CDS team will ensure all aspects of the design are installed as per the detailed specification; that the project is finished on time and to budget. CDS achieves this by providing an ongoing client relationship package. Our engineers also ensure that the contractors are fully briefed on all required works so they are well placed to monitor the project meticulously from start to finish.

Cemetery Design Planning and development
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