Landscaping Designs

CDS is a team of highly qualified specialists - field surveyors, engineers and designers, with an excellent network of partners which includes architects and construction consultants enabling us to offer an unrivalled service in the design and development parks and open spaces.

Our team of designers and chartered landscape architects is able to offer our clients a wide range of experience in designing a range of sites from cemeteries, crematorium to parks, open space designs and sports pitch designs.

We aim to achieve in any development a distinctive spatial quality, providing visitors to the site an opportunity to relax and enjoy the open space around them, blending the physical aspects of design and hard landscaping with the enjoyment of open spaces enhanced by beautiful soft landscaping.

Our extensive experience enables us to prepare high quality illustrative, qualitative and quantitative material and contract documentation that complies with and fulfils construction design management regulations and planning and environmental legislation.

Our Service

Stage 1 –Client Brief

The initial stage of any design is to understand the client’s brief, budgetary constraints and the requirements of the local community. Once this has been established our team provide a bespoke design to maximise the public experience of the development.

Stage 2 – Design

With the data collected from the brief we can get started on the design phase.  CDS ensure that, the development is constructed with minimal environmental impact and most importantly that it enhances the environment in terms of biodiversity and pollution reduction.

Stage 3 – Project Management

CDS ensure that once a contractor has been selected and the site works have commenced that all aspects of the design are constructed as per the detailed specification and finished on time and on budget. CDS ensure this by providing an ongoing client relationship package.  Our engineers will ensure that the contractors are fully informed and briefed on the work in hand and will monitor the projects progress from start to completion.